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Can I Fail a Drug Test Using CBD?

The CBD industry is full of those who do not have your best interests in mind. Stories like this one are making headlines. A truck driver was fired after he tested positive for a “marijuana metabolite”. He had that bottle sent to lab to be tested, and the lab refused to return the bottle since it contained an illegal amount of THC. This bottle was sold to the customer as 0%THC.


What they won’t tell you is that 0% THC can mean 0.3%THC.
You MUST check lab tests, otherwise you have no idea what you’re taking.

The truth is, most of us are not 100% sure about how CBD is made or what it’s made of exactly.

And the short answer is: YES you can fail a drug test if you’re taking full spectrum. This study from Johns Hopkins showed vaping hemp with up to 0.3% THC (the amount in full spectrum) will cause a failed drug test after just one use.



If your CBD has 0.00% THC in it, it’s not possible to test positive on a standard urinalysis drug test. So, let’s start there!


CBD (cannabidiol) is one of over 100 compounds in the cannabinoid family found in the hemp plant. Another cannabinoid found in the hemp plant is THC, the compound responsible for producing the intoxicating “high” felt when ingesting marijuana. The amount in hemp is too small an amount to produce any kind of intoxicating effect.


However, it absolutely can produce a failed drug test.


Is There a Solution?


It’s impossible to say how much one would have to take to cause a failed drug test, because everyone metabolizes THC differently. Because of this, we always say if you have to take a random drug test, don’t use full spectrum oil.


That’s why we created an isolate oil.


Our CBD isolate is the end result of removing all of the THC from the oil and only leaving behind the CBD molecule carried in hemp seed oil. The most important factor when buying isolate is reviewing the lab tests for that product- you’d better see 0.00% THC otherwise, it’s not isolate.



Full spectrum is more effective than isolate due to “the entourage effect” according to neurologist Ethan Russo, a leading expert in the field of cannabis research and CBD in particular. So, the draw to full spectrum over isolate is obvious.



Bottom line- check your lab tests and make sure you have a definitive answer from your employer whether you’re subject to random drug tests or not. If you are, stick to isolate.



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No. First of all, the CBD compound is not detectable by drug tests, THC is detectable. Even if you use a full spectrum topical product, the amount of THC in that product is very small and it will not get into your bloodstream to create this failed drug test.

No. A saliva drug test looks for THC so CBD will not appear on those tests. While full spectrum CBD contains trace amounts of THC can can cause a failed drug test, the THC is only detectable for 4-6 hours in your saliva.

No, a hair follicle drug test detects THC. Full spectrum CBD oil contains trace amounts of THC and can lead to a failed hair follicle test. CBD oil can be made with 0.000% THC if it’s created from CBD isolate. You can ensure your CBD is 0.000% THC by checking lab tests

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