CBD Causes Failed Drug Test? New Study From Johns Hopkins

First and foremost: this study conducted by Johns Hopkins was a sample size of 7 people that were taking FULL SPECTRUM CBD.

I wouldn’t even need to test their urine to know they’d fail a drug test. Because FULL SPECTRUM CBD contains THC, which is the compound that makes you high in marijuana and it’s the compound will cause a failed drug test.



We send out urinalysis kits with EVERY order.


You know how many we’ve had fail in the 2 years we’ve been in business?




That’s because CBD doesn’t cause failed drug tests. THC does and we make our CBD Safe For The Job so you’ll never have to worry about this.

The Claims About CBD and Drug Testing:

Some Are True, Most Are False.


I’ve heard all the way on the one side that you can’t test positive even if you take full spectrum products and I’ve heard claims that even if you take an isolate product with no THC in it you can never really truly get all the THC out and, therefore, you will never be able to pass a drug test even taking a CBD isolate product. 



  • CBD can be made with 0.000% THC and you won’t fail a drug test
  • Full Spectrum absolutely can and will cause a failed drug test



  • You can never ever pass a drug test even with CBD isolate
  • There is always a remnant of THC even if your CBD isolate/broad spectrum is made “properly”
  • CBD itself will cause a failed drug test (that’s false, only THC’s metabolites can)

How Rescue 1 CBD is Made Safe For The Job


First Responders don’t have to worry about taking Rescue 1 CBD and passing a drug test


I’m going to tell you how and why companies and brands tell their customers they will always fail a drug test on CBD.

It comes down to them not spending the time and money to create a truly THC free product.

So we need to understand a little bit about the farming and the production of the product.

Hemp flower is where we make CBD from. 


a lab technician removing THC from Rescue 1 CBD for first responders

When it grows, we extract CBD from that flower and it naturally contains THC.


We have to remove the THC from the final product. That takes some high-quality lab work which our guys and girls are damn good at.

During this process you can have residual THC stay in the product. You have to repeatedly retest and go back to the drawing board and remove that THC, sometimes several times.


That costs money and time and brands do not want to do that.


The market for CBD definitely rewards companies and brands that produce quickly. This is a new industry, so the first name to get out to a populous is going to be very successful. So it’s not an industry where people want to take their time and go over everything with a fine-tooth comb.

“Good Enough” Is The Current Standard In The CBD Industry

a man in a suit with his hand up making a promise. His other hand is behind his back with his fingers crossed indicating he's lying.

Because of this, brands are not catering to people that need to pass a drug test.

In their disclaimer it will say “if you need to pass a drug test don’t ever take CBD of any kind.”


Speed to market is where brands are getting rich, not quality. The industry is riddled with lawsuits for false claims, failed drug tests and health concerns from poor quality.

Well, I don’t want to be a fast-paced, speed-to-market brand of CBD. 

I want to have, and do have, a quality brand of CBD that firefighters can trust.


And, you know what? That’s gonna cost us. We’re not going be a multibillion-dollar company. 


We might not ever make it to be a million-dollar company.



Making a successful brand to me isn’t about a dollar figure.

I need to bring change into the fire service or this is a failure

regardless of how much money we do or do not bring in.



I want us to reimagine and to redefine what physical and mental wellness is for us.

Our Value Is Defined By Our Integrity


But when it comes out and when it hits the shelf, it will be lab tested more than once for each batch and we will have proof and a guarantee that we have 0.000% in that batch. Every single bottle has a QR code that you can scan. 





And for that reason, we stand by our products because I would never want to put something out there that would cost the job or the livelihood of a fellow firefighter and I wouldn’t sell anything that I don’t take myself.

The Bottom Line

So in conclusion, yes you can fail a drug test taking CBD. If you take a product with THC in it. You can purchase from a brand that doesn’t give a S#$! about you passing a drug test and has a disclaimer that says “not my problem” if you do fail one.

And that’s how we’re different. Our brand is about YOU. We’re guaranteeing our ingredients and saying you’re safe to pass a drug test and we have the lab tests to prove it.

The extraction methods across the industry are roughly the same, but how we do them over and over again is what makes us different.

  • The quality control that we have,
  • Making small batches
  • paying attention to lab testing DURING the extraction process

We spend the time and the money during the extraction to make sure what’s coming out is good and then we retest it when we put it in the bottles to make sure the final product is still 0.000% THC, that’s zero parts per billion THC.


I really appreciate you taking the time to invest in your own health and the future of the fire service.

Take care of each other and be safe out there.

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