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CBD Dose Calculator For Dogs: Instructions

1- Enter the total amount of CBD in milligrams that’s in your tincture. This is usually on the front of the label
2- Enter your dogs weight in pounds.

The calculator will automatically convert the pounds to kilograms and tell you how many full droppers you should be giving your dog at least once a day.

CBD oil being administered to two dogs

How Did We Come Up With This Dose?

We didn’t, Cornell University did. Their study (which you can see here) was used in dogs with arthritis. This dose was found to have optimum effectiveness, even when more CBD was given to the dogs with arthritis. As you’ll see if you read that study, they administered two trial doses:


Over the course of 4 weeks, dogs were administered 2mg per kilogram and 8mg per kilogram of CBD


Although no side effects were noted with the 8mg/kg dose, it was a matter of being cost prohibitive to consumers. It seems Cornell wanted to study a dose that would be practical and that was already well-established throughout the CBD community. 0.5-2mg/kg was the most common dose people were giving their pets.


Well, the 2mg/kg dose had effectiveness, according to the results of the study. Dogs had increased mobility and less pain with that dose. They also published the following points:


It was noted that dogs eliminate CBD at a faster rate than humans. The dose above was given twice a day in medical trials so the therapeutic effects can stay consistent. However, for cost effectiveness, most people give this dose once a day to start and if they need to, they’ll increase it for their dog’s comfort.

Dogs (like humans) will absorb more CBD if it’s placed in food and/or the dog has a full stomach.


Because of this high amount of recommended dosing, we stay away from dog treats and instead only make CBD oil for dogs.

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You shouldn’t start a CBD regimen without speaking to your vet, especially if they’re taking medication. Some veterinarians are enthusiastic about CBD use for canines and others are unsure of it’s potential. Either way, CBD has effects on your dog’s medication which may or may not disqualify your dog from being able to use it.

Adding CBD into your dogs food is fine if there is some fat content in it (check ingredients). Stirring a dropper into peanut butter and giving it to your pup as a snack is also a great way to ensure good absorption. CBD wants to bind to fats, so naturally adding it to a food substance with a higher fat content will ensure they absorb it better.

While there is no hard evidence on a set dosage for any animal, Cornell University and the University of Colorado worked together on a study for dogs with arthritis. They recommended a dosage of 2mg per kilogram (about 1mg per pound) of your dog’s weight, which they noticed helped the pups with pain. This is considered a higher than average dose