Slide a lab technician removing THC from Rescue 1 CBD for first responders Davie, Florida KAYCHA LABS U.S. Veteran Owned Business Recipient of 8 Emerald Awards AOAC Compliant Kaycha Labs is Florida’s first ISO 17025 Accredited cannabis testing laboratory (Certificate #97164) The CBD industry is virtually unregulated. No one knows for sure what you're buying, unless you can see an ingredients list brought to you from a lab that has no vested interest in the company they're testing for. Evio places their reputation and results above anything else and make sure the consumer is always the priority.

Slide two tinctures of CBD oil for dogs. One with a large breed and one with a small breed on the label Topical Roll-On Rescue 1 CBD Oil Full Spectrum Oil Dog Oil The Results Lab Tests Lab Tests Lab Tests Lab Tests

We go to great lengths in testing our product during the manufacturing process and then after it gets bottled to make guarantee our quality and safety.

This is especially true for our Rescue 1 CBD products where we can verify that our broad spectrum formula is Safe For The Job™ and standard drug test friendly.

We have an article on CBD for firefighters that you can read here 

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