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CBD Oil For Cats And Dogs

CBD oil for dogs and CBD oil for cats as a legitimate and verifiable treatment for your pet’s ailments is a matter for science and veterinarians to agree upon. There is a significant amount of evidence that points to CBD’s effectiveness and we’re going to take a look at those in this article

The following organizations and Veterinarians (DVM) have researched and have provided cases of evidence-based improvement when using CBD on dogs and/or cats:


Modern veterinary medicine tells us that dogs and cats have a nervous system that is similar to humans.


We’re Starting to Put it Together:

The Effects of CBD Oil For Dogs and Cats is Similar to Humans.


A Note on The Benefits of CBD in Cats and CBD for Cats Research:a cat in glasses holding a stack of books. It is doing research on cbd oil for cats

Many of us out there are looking for answers. Does CBD oil help cats with arthritis? Or, does CBD help cats with cancer? A simple google search would produce a ton of articles. They’ll tell you how CBD for cats helps with everything from anxiety to seizures.

The truth is none of those tests have been performed on cats.

We’re assuming that they’ll be affected the same way but nothing has been attempted. Aside from the research in general being done on mice, rats and in bigger cases dogs with promise, we still need more.

The benefits of CBD in cats still hasn’t been effectively looked at. We do know that cats have the same endocannabinoid system as humans so of course they would be affected by it. We just need to know if CBD oil for cats would be as effective for arthritis as it was in dogs, for example. Even in CBD for dogs, the amount of studies are pretty low but they all conclusively point to the same results which is considered a significant finding.

As of 2020, we still don’t have a definitive study on CBD for cats. We’re looking forward to more, and the while the future looks promising, we’ll have to wait and see!


One of the most largest and most significant studies for CBD in dogs with arthritis was performed by Cornell University. Their findings revealed a few key points:
[see the study here]


How Much CBD Should You Give Your Dog?CBD oil being held up for dogs

Dr. Karen Gellman (DVM, PhD) of Cornell University talks about the range of dosing found for pets in the CBD industry

“Though each individual animal’s response may vary, four levels of CBD dosing are generally used in pets:

Dose (per kg body weight) indications

  • Micro (0.1 mg/kg) — anxiety, fear, stress, behavioral issues, mild pain, muscle tension
  • Medium (0.2-0.5 mg/kg) — osteoarthritis, moderate pain, muscle spasms
  • High (0.5-1.0 mg/kg) — moderate to severe pain, neurogenic pain, degenerative myelopathy, tremors, idiopathic epilepsy, diabetes regulation, IBD
  • Ultra (1.0-5.0 mg/kg) — refractory epilepsy, anti-neoplastic, refractory pain, hospice care”



Check with our tool here-
This would be the dose for moderate to severe pain

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1- Dogs eliminate CBD slightly quicker than humans and so they should be taking CBD twice a day.

2- The ideal therapeutic dose for dogs is a range from 0.1mg per kilogram all the way up to 5mg per kilogram depending on pain level. (our calculator is set to 2mg per kilogram)

3- Dogs (like humans) will absorb more CBD if it’s placed in food and/or the dog has a full stomach.

2mg/kg is a pretty healthy dose of CBD. This means that if you have a larger dog, CBD oil is much more cost effective than dog treats that are usually lower doses than the oil. The cost per milligram of oil is generally cheaper than a dog treat, although we do have both treats and oil for dogs.


We know that humans take CBD differently than dogs (see our guide here)



In truth, veterinarians are not allowed to prescribe CBD to dogs or cats. CBD cannot be regulated as a supplement since it is an active ingredient in a prescription medication for pediatric seizures (Epidiolex).

And, because it’s neither a supplement nor a medication, it falls into several gray areas and the veterinary community usually tip-toes around CBD. However, there are several vets that educate themselves and are strong advocates of the compound.

Here is what we take away from these articles,

Dogs and cats suffer from the same things humans do. Cancer, arthritis, anxiety and pain all happen to us both.

While we can’t make any claims about what CBD can do just yet, we can say that it has been researched for several decades on humans and mice. The dog and cat studies are only just starting to come around.


The research for dogs and cats will only become more prevalent as the passing of recent legislation in December’s 2018 Farm Bill allowed hemp to be farmed and sold in all 50 states to include CBD oil. There are much more studies on the benefits of CBD oil for humans, obviously.



The quality of CBD oil comes in to question very frequently. It is extremely important to validate the lab tests of the product when shopping for CBD oil for cats and dogs. If what you’re looking to purchase does not produce laboratory testing results, DO NOT purchase that product. There are too many people trying to make a quick buck and turning out a low-quality product. Do your research and make sure that you’re only supplying your loved one with the best products on the market!

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No. Although it’s always a good idea to speak with your vet about your pet taking CBD.

CBD has had success treating pain from inflammation and arthritis in animals and humans. Studies show that 1-2mg/kg can be effective for dogs, although the research on cats isn’t prevalent enough to provide a definitive answer yet.

Most studies on CBD’s duration have been in rats and humans. Cats haven’t been studied, but on the studies that were done it’s around 5 hours.

CBD has been studied to have anxiety-reducing effects in animals.

Yes. The ASPCA reports on their site that only cannabis oil with high THC has to be used cautiously. CBD, which is different, is safe for cats to use.

There is no recorded overdose limit of CBD. Dogs and cats can tolerate a very large amount of CBD with no side effects whatsoever. The toxic dose is 615mg/kg according to a study by the University of Arkansas in 2019

CBD has little regulation and no standard dose. Cornell did the largest study for dogs with arthritis and found that 2mg/kg twice a day improved dogs mobility and pain relief. Starting off with one CBD treat or 1 dropper of CBD oil per day is recommended.

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