How it works:

Whenever you create an account on Omnia Naturals, we will automatically start managing your rewards points!

You earn points in a bunch of ways:

  1. On every purchase you make
  2. Post a picture of our products on Instagram and tag @omnianaturals
  3. Providing feedback with us on Google, Facebook, or our website
  4. Enrolling in auto-refill AKA subscriptions of our products


It’s FREE and easy to register

(click to watch the how to sign up video)

What your points will get you


Bronze- 15 points

  • Permanent 10% off everything in the shop including subscriptions

Silver- 35 points

  • Permanent 15% off everything in the shop including subscriptions
  • A free bottle of topical roll-on for achieving Silver status

Gold- 75 points

  • 25% off everything in the shop including subscriptions
  • $50 in-store credit
  • Omnia Naturals T shirt

We’ll issue you a specific coupon code that will update with your points daily. When you enter this coupon code, you’ll be charged at your discounted rate!

Earning points through purchases:

By far the easiest way to earn points is to enroll in auto-refill or what some refer to as a subscription.

This is a set it and forget it feature that allows you to have our quality CBD products shipped to you at the same time each month and all the while you gain points. The best part is, every month the price goes down a bit more!


Unlock levels of rewards for each milestone of spending that you hit

Every $10 you spend is 1 point

You could spend $150 to get to bronze

or you could take bonus actions like getting a subscription.

Subscriptions are 30 points and put you into Silver status immediately!

Earning points through Instagram:

Every time you post a picture of one of our products on Instagram you’ll receive points! Tag us @omnianaturals and receive 15 points for your posts.

You can get points for posting once in a calendar month, so feel free to post each month and get recurring points!

It’s easy:

1- Take a picture on your phone with your product

2- Post it on Instagram and write @omnianaturals in the caption or use the tag feature so we know you posted

3- We’ll direct message you for the email address associated with your rewards account

4- We add your points and keep track of them for you!

5- You get an email updating you with the current amount of your points


Follow us on Instagram:

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Earning points through Feedback:

1- Login to your Omnia Naturals account.

2- Go over to the shop page on our site and leave a product review from any of your past purchases

2- We’ll get the notification with your email attached and log your points!

Feedback earns you 15 points

We track your points with the email you signed up for when you created your account. It’s important that you use this email every time you complete an activity that gives you points!


Contact us anytime!

(561) 570-5233