Delray Beach

Delray Beach is a coastal city in Palm Beach County, Florida, USA.

The city has a quaint feel but also has a thriving downtown area known for its nightlife. Dotted with public art and galleries, nature preserves and serene outdoor spaces including scenic ocean views,

Delray is a beautiful place to live and work.

Unfortunately it is also the capital for recovering addicts, and is at the epicenter of a South Florida overdose epidemic that claimed close to 1,000 lives at it’s peak in 2016. Some so-called havens for recovery profit endlessly from the relapses of people looking for help. Those that come here to get healthy are looking for REAL and HONEST ways to recover and fight addiction, and that is one of the many reasons we wanted to sell CBD products.

Noticing a desire for those wanting to have this cycle of addiction broken was an inspiration for us to not only provide an alternative method to help others break free from addiction, but to be a brand of 100% transparency and honesty.

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