Does CBD Cause Liver Damage?

Is CBD going to Ruin Your Liver?

A new study from U of Arkansas is out. So, does CBD cause liver damage?

We’re in a very interesting time. CBD is now federally legal, states are bringing industrial hemp growing up to a big level, retail CBD is becoming the norm.

Science needs to back up any claims that brands or sellers are making. And many times it does, as there is a mountain of research behind what CBD can be used to potentially help.

Diving in to these studies is difficult to do and it’s time consuming. We do this daily, because it’s our job. But, the average American doesn’t have time.

So, when Forbes and International Business Times put out stories effectively saying CBD is going to kill your liver, what else are you to do besides believe it?

Here’s the most important detail behind this study, and really my main point for writing this: CBD IS TOXIC if you consume 615 mg for every kilogram of your body weight.

615mg/kg in a human that weighs 180lbs would be 50,318mg of CBD. This would be more than 2 LITERS of our CBD oil. And you would have to consume it immediately.

enough CBD oil to cause liver damage. The toxic dose of CBD all in one picture

Personally, I don’t know how this article wasn’t immediately discredited, but another Forbes author followed up with a response article explaining how the study with CBD liver damage is quite far-fetched.


If you’d like to read the study from the University of Arkansas for yourself it’s right here

Further driving the point home that CBD is safe to consume: the drug Epidiolex for children’s seizures (CBD and artificial flavoring) is recommended at 20mg/kg and this is considered a high dose.

615mg/kg is just an astronomical number.

Will CBD Cause Liver Damage? The Bottom Line:

If you’re taking CBD as directed, this study shows you’re not going to get liver damage. If you drink 2 liters of CBD oil all at once, you’re going to have severe if not deadly liver damage.

So, please don’t drink 2 liters of CBD oil.

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In time, I believe the mounting research on CBD and hemp in general will overshadow the far-reaching and miscalculated information out there, including this study that is appearing more and more to be groundless in it’s claims.

Most studies performed on CBD are for the most part either agreed upon as legitimate or it’s understood that more research is required on that particular topic. Rarely do they get shot down as false, and I’ve never come across a study that has so blatantly been disregarded as this one.

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Some CBD and Liver FAQs

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h2″ question-0=”Does CBD Cause Liver Damage?” answer-0=”The average adult would have to drink several liters to achieve liver damage according to the study from the University of Arkansas in 2019″ image-0=”” headline-1=”h2″ question-1=”Is There A Lethal Dose of CBD?” answer-1=”The University of Arkansas performed a study in 2019 and found it to be 615mg/kg in mice. No human dose of CBD has ever been documented as lethal.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h2″ question-2=”Does CBD Raise Liver Enzymes?” answer-2=”It has in studies with children taking seizure medication while also taking CBD according to GW Pharmaceuticals, the makers of Epidiolex which is a children’s seizure medication made from CBD. This is the only time elevated liver enzymes have been documented with CBD use in published medical journals.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h2″ question-3=”Is CBD Good For Your Liver?” answer-3=”Yes, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. They stated CBD can reduce liver damage caused by alcohol and can improve brain function that has been reduced from liver damage.” image-3=”” count=”4″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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