Does CBD Interact with Medication?

Always consult your physician when taking CBD with medications

Your liver is the key to CBD and other medicationspill bottle with CBD gel caps


Everyone winds up being prescribed medication at one point or another, and there’s always a warning label on it, or a precaution, or some specifically odd directions. So, naturally, one would need to have the question answered: Does CBD interact with medication? For the most part, many people treat CBD as a drug and would think that it would complicate any medication that you’re taking.


But, that’s not necessarily true.

All medication has to be metabolized, or broken down, by your body after it’s ingested. The main metabolizer of most medications on the market is an enzyme in the liver called Cytochrome P450 (CYP for short). This enzyme slowly weakens the medication each time it passes through your liver until it’s completely gone.



If that CYP enzyme were to not work at full capacity, your medication wouldn’t be metabolized (degraded) as quickly.liver degrading CBD via the CYP enzyme

So, what does CBD do inside your liver?a see-through image of a human body showing how CBD affects the liver

CBD was found to inhibit this CYP enzyme from working at full capacity. So, instead of  So, if you’re taking CBD, you could be increasing the potency or increasing the duration of the medication’s effects.

CBD and grapefruit have this in common.

If you’ve ever heard your doctor tell you that you have to stay away from grapefruit because of your prescription medication, it’s because it inhibits cytochrome P450.

It’s very important that you tell your doctor you’re taking CBD if you’re also taking any kind of prescription medication. He/she may want to alter your dose if CBD is going to make it more potent.

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60% of all medications prescribed use this CYP pathway in the liver. So, odds are that your prescription medicines could possibly work with or against CBD.

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Whether you’re sure or unsure: Always check with your doctor whenever you’re taking prescription medication to ensure you maintain the perfect doses for both your CBD and your prescriptions.


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