Omnia Naturals was started to challenge the status quo of mental and physical wellness in the US Fire Service.
Firefighters should not have to shy away from CBD usage, it can be made safely and drug test friendly.

And we're the brand that's going to do it.
The Omnia Story

Slide Our Story This is We want to bring CBD into the US Fire Service.
Because we've seen what it can do. We've seen our members improve their overall quality of life after using our products. When we looked at the benefits of CBD, we knew that they directly impacted firefighters in a positive way.
Our shift life, the stress of our work and the job-related injuries are all things that have to be addressed on and off shift. CBD is the best thing we have to naturally address each of these things.

But, no one wants to address CBD for the fire service. As a whole, we're afraid of taking CBD for fear of failing a drug test, or because it's considered cannabis. Someone needs to step up, provide the education and be willing to take the heat of being the first one through the door.

Well, here we are.

Slide Jon Founder - President Message from Our Founder Jon Vought is a second generation firefighter/paramedic in South Florida. He has a passion for being a guide in the fire service. In his career, he's been an instructor, the leader of the youth Explorer program and a training officer within his department.

The idea that Rescue 1 CBD can be the game changer for the fire service is Jon's opportunity to leave the US Fire Service better than he found it.