5mg CBD Dog Treats


Our dog chews are crafted with human-grade ingredients right here in the USA. Laboratory tested by a third party to ensure quality and ZERO THC. CBD usage in dogs has been studied by Cornell University to assess benefits for arthritis and inflammation. This is the perfect dog treat for your dog’s wellness!

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How it works

Treat your best friend to our delicious ZERO THC chicken and pork blend of CBD dog treats by offering one or two treats per day, or as recommended by your Veterinarian. Research as shown that CBD in dogs may act as a pain killer, anti inflammatory, anticonvulsant, anxiolytic, antiemetic, appetite stimulant, and more.

Why is ZERO THC important?

THC can produce very harsh side effects in pets. Dogs and cats are extremely sensitive to THC and can suffer from what vets describe as “marijuana poisoning”

Some symptoms of THC intoxication in pets include: Lethargy, dilated pupils and glassy eyes, vomiting, low or high heart rate, loss of bladder control (incontinence)


All Natural


3rd Party Lab Tested

Rich in Vitamin A, E, and B12


5mg Crude Protein, min 18%

Crude fat, min 6%

Crude fiber, min 3%

Additional information

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