Rescue 1 CBD – 750mg CBD Isolate Oil – Safe For The Job


This is CBD that’s safe for first responders. 0.000% THC and the lab tests to prove it.

Two ingredients:

1- The Cannabidiol (CBD) molecule.

2- Hempseed oil.

That’s it. No THC, no fillers, no flavors and no chemicals or preservatives. All-natural raw CBD grown from hemp right here in the USA.


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Safe For The Job

Our 100% USA-grown and produced products are created in small batches. We do this so we can keep a close eye on quality. 

Lab tests are performed on every batch, every time. 

Rescue 1 lab tests will always show 0.000% THC or we won’t sell it.

We’re firefighters that are making products for other firefighters and we take that very seriously. Our integrity will never be compromised and neither will our quality

Every order comes with an at-home urinalysis drug test kit so you can see for yourself that you’re passing drug tests. These tests, like the random drug tests firefighters have to take, look for THC not CBD, and THC is not present in our products as you can see in our lab tests.


Hemp grown in Colorado, USA

Solvent-free extraction - pure and clean

3rd Party Lab Tested

CBD without THC

Suspended in Hemp Seed Oil rich in essential fatty acids (omega-6) (omega-3)

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 5 in


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