Rescue 1 CBD subscription. CBD that's safe for first responders

Rescue 1 CBD & FLAME Father’s Day Box

Get your dad the best gift for his wellness! We’ve teamed up with FLAME decon to celebrate dads everywhere by keeping them healthy! Our CBD for wellness combined with FLAME decon soap for removing carcinogens and soot after fires are gifts your dad can use over and over for his own health!

Rescue 1 CBD – Safe For The Job

Two ingredients, both made in America: Hemp seed oil and CBD

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Rescue 1 CBD Auto-Refill

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The more you buy, the more you save!

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Rescue 1 Topical CBD

Pain relief in a bottle.

This topical pain relief works quickly and provides temporary pain relief for up to 30 minutes.

Perfect for combining with our CBD oil which is longer-lasting but takes more time to kick in.